Freelancing: What to do when you want to give up writing.

There are many reasons why writers would want to give up writing for money. For instance: they are not getting paid what they deserve, and they do not know how to make money from their websites or blogs. However many excuses writers make in order to find another "paying" job, there are hundreds of other writers that make money, and a lot of it on a daily basis.

Before any writer really decides or thinks that they want to give up their career in writing, they should think about all of the positive aspects that this job can bring them. For one, writers have the opportunity to meet hundreds of other writers or make business connections or make friends every month. Many freelance writers that have often thought that they don’t have what it takes to make a living from their writing, change their minds when they are talked out of this train of thought by another writer who likes what they have to say.

This is perhaps one of the most typical and obvious reasons why so many writers feel like they aren’t great at this job, or that they are not completely "devoted" to their career: they simply do not meet any other writers, and share their experiences!

When I first started to write, it was a good month before I saw any money from my work. It took me another 3 months to make REAL money from my work. It was a hard beginning, but now, im honestly happy that I stuck to this business because I have all of the freedom that I want to pursue other projects, and I still make money from my articles every day!

Writing is not an easy job, it takes dedication to build constant, and hard traffic. The one thing that every beginner or writer that wants to establish their name wants to know is: How can I get a lot of traffic to my articles? Why? Because this means that their work is getting attention, and that their articles are making money.

There are a lot of other reasons why writers might want to give up their careers and go look for a "9 to " job, but the reasons that they shouldn’t give up, and stick with their work outnumber all of the negative. Writers should simply relax and remember the reasons why they wanted to begin writing in the beginning, and realize that they aren’t the first writers to want to give up! 

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