Six Basic Things You Need Before Writing For Hubpages

I have been in Hubpages for quite a year now and this is the only time that I have unveiled the jewel of their Earning Program. As of this writing, I just earn my first dollar after a week and I am overjoyed about it. Honestly, I joined HP last year in the name of backlinking our website (as required by my previous boss). But I never knew that this site is more than just that. I found a lot of great people in here who are very passionate in writing and sharing their stories to the world while earning.

I would really be selfish if I just keep the gem all for myself and I would like to spread the word to other especially to my friends. Thus, allow me to give you some tips in what are the most basic things that you need aside from your writing skills and passion to share what’s inside your heart and mind.

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