Article Writing – How Well Does it Work? Check this Case Study!

As Internet Entrepreneurs one of our main concerns is getting traffic to our sites. There are many methods of getting traffic to a website, many of them are expensive, many of them are a lot of work, and many of them are almost completely ineffective.

You have more than likely heard that article writing is an effective way to build traffic to a website quickly. But is that really true?

I have been involved with Internet Marketing, on an almost purely recreational basis for more than 10 years. I do not however profess to be an Internet Guru, nor do I ever intend to be one.

I publish a few websites and blogs, mostly about things that I know about, and have some success at getting traffic too them almost all via article writing.

One of my pastimes is bowling, I have been involved in the sport for more than 40 years. A few months ago I was searching the Internet for information on bowling, just out of curiosity. I was amazed that there did not seem to be a lot of accurate information about bowling, there were a few commercial sites and organizational site that had very good information. However some of the blogs, the websites, and the articles I was finding were not well done. In many instances the information they were giving was downright wrong or even misleading. So being at least familiar enough with bowling to teach or inform others, I decided to publish a bowling information website.

If you have heard of page rank, you know that this is kind of like a vote on how popular your website or blog is with the search engines. The more links coming back to your site the more votes you get your site begins to be recognized as an authority site. As of the time I write this article, late February, 2008 this site has a page rank of 2. There are sites that have been online for years that still have 0 page rank.

There are only 15 articles on this site! I am getting about 300 unique visitors per day, 60% are coming from article directories, about 20% are coming directly from search engines. And this traffic which is generating a couple of dollars of passive income per day is coming to my site at no cost, other than the time it takes me to write and post a few articles.

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