Bad College Essay Topics

Don’t go overboard with your freedom though. There are some essay topics you must avoid.

Before and After

Talking about the changes you made is a good topic, especially if they have improved your character greatly. Yet again, don’t go overboard. You will be making a grave mistake if you put unduly focus on the ‘past’ you.

Comparing your current self to the person that you were before is okay. But there is no need to give too graphic a detail about what a terrible person you used to be. You will only be leaving bad images to the readers and will be making a negative impression to their subconscious.


This is yet another way of overdoing certain techniques when writing an essay, especially in a person’s attempt to appear unique. Do not overdo your attempts at being witty. Be natural. It should come along. So stop trying to make an essay written from your dog’s perspective. Really, a wisecrack is the last thing your tired admissions officers need.

Negative Imageries

Avoid leaving any negative imagery as much as possible. One very bad topic you can write about is the death of a person. The event may have left an important mark in both your life and the type of person that you’ve become.

However, there is still a big chance of the whole thing sounding grim. You will be leaving you readers with negative emotions and you will have a difficulty making the bright side of your personality shine through.

There are plenty of college essay topics, so there really is no need for you to settle for the bad ones.

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