Insulin Resistance and Laminitis in Horses – A Case Study

I spent time with a friend this past Memorial Day, and heard her horrific tale of how she had to put down her long time horse partner because of laminitis.

When Laminitis and Insulin Resistance are a Death Sentence

In the case of my friend’s horse, the lack of information about laminitis led to euthanasia, when it did not have to. From what she related to me the horse probably developed insulin resistance from the sudden onset of green grass, which was left untreated. Ultimately this condition led to laminitis, which led to euthanasia.

She lives in eastern New Mexico where it never rains much. Her horses are in dry, sandy pens or pastures all year round, and fed hay and grain daily. During the spring of 2009 it actually rained in NM, and she had lush green grass grow in her pastures, which her horses were not accustomed to.

A diagnosis of insulin resistance, laminitis or Cushings (all related metabolic diagnoses) doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your horse, but it is life-altering. Dietary changes have to be made, and weekly exercise is critical. For more info on insulin resistance and laminitis take a look at . There is an e-book on the subject along with other information.

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