Case Study: An eBook Online Business Plan

Success online depends on having a plan, or more specifically a business plan. Often, very often actually, clients contact a designer with a burning passion to have a new web site online, and fast. Success takes more than waking up bug-eyed at 2:00am with the brainstorm of the century. You need to outline (and fill in) a real business plan and make adjustments before the official launch.

Citing an actual case for an online eBook business, I advised the aspiring entrepreneur to provide more information. Thinking through the questions and answers is a vital step towards developing a good business plan.

2. Establishing Credibility – solicit opinions from trusted people to give honest feedback about first impression and credibility, good or bad.

3. The Plan – Outlines or templates for creating a business plan are available free online. Get one. Use it. Be flexible, and change as you go.

In closing and from experience, I know that many startup online entrepreneurs neglect creating a business plan. Selling eBooks online without physical inventory except bits and bytes seems so easy. Your chance for success will improve with a real business plan.

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