The Power Of Your Mind – A Case Study

In this article I want to share a real life case study that I did. It clearly shows the importance of having the right mindset and being in the mood.

We were in a very bad period with all our salesmen complaining and telling each other that it was impossible to make sales. I had just been hiring and training five new salesmen. The new staff did not meet the old complaining guys yet and my plan was to keep them separated for a few weeks more.

The old staff kept on complaining about a bad market and how they remembered the same thing happened this month every year. I told them that the problem is not in the market, it is inside your heads. They did not agree, that’s for sure. At the same time as all this happened my new salesmen reported of signed contracts and was very enthusiastic. They kept on selling and within a few days they all delivered signed contracts.

I think this study proves that the only limits is in our heads. The newbie beats the experienced simply because of his mindset.

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