How to write in Japanese

Japanese writing is not as difficult as it looks. It is basically just memory and recognition work, each complex looking character is actually made up from a number of smaller simple character or radicals.

The Japanese language uses three different alphabets shown below:

  1. Katakana ????– This is a very angular phonetic script consisting of around 50 characters used to represent foreign, imported or non Japanese words. E.g. Computer would be written as "???????" with the phonetic sound of "Konpyuutaa"
  2. Hiragana ???? – This is another phonetic script with the same number of characters as Katakana but with more rounded type lines. This will be used for grammar.e.g. tenses, subjects, objects etc..
  3. Kanji ???– These are the Chinese imported characters. The Japanese versions are slightly different but the basic meanings are almost the same. Kanji will be used to represent nouns, adjectives, verbs and of course names. Kanji can have a number of different readings depending on the position in the text, or depending on what sound precedes or follows it.

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