Traffic Dashboard Methods That Always Get 1650 Views Monthly From One Single Article [Case Study]

Have you ever been in a situation where you put your heart, time and mind to writing your best article, thinking it get the most traffic ever, only to find that some days you literally have close to zero, or just a few, visitors reading "your best article"?

I have been there and been frustrated that crappy articles that could have cost less than 30 minutes of writing time are getting tons of traffic.

I just bumped into a new traffic method that is not widely common and in the coolers of not so many marketers.

The traffic trick is from Traffic Dashboard by Kim Roach and I want to share with you one of the over 24 methods in Traffic Dashboard. I tried this one method and saw over 500 visitors from just one of the channels in less than 1 week, just from 1 single article. I got close to instant traffic spikes – same day. I can’t wait to try out the other methods – Kim as usual is always not afraid to release all her best strategies in a single low cost product; many Gurus would make a kill unbundling the over 24 traffic methods to create 24 different products. Not Kim – and I like that.

I am sure Kim won’t mind me bringing this strategy in the open. If you know Kim, you’d know that she knows her stuff.

Well, let’s quickly delve into the 10X Method from the Traffic Dashboard.

Step 1: Write 1 article and submit to top 10 article directories.

Good contents easily get shared – people retweet, email, share on Facebook and other channels. Your content has to be damn good if you want to attract. If you are going to be using these strategies I am sharing, it means you’d be able to cut down on the number of articles you produce because just one can bring over 1,650 visitors every month.

Have you seen how you get spend a fraction of the time you spend on article writing and power every single article just by repurposing it into different formats and distributing them to different channels. That way you can be sure to satisfy the information consumption preferences of different audience – audio, video and text.

With this strategy, all you need to put more power into creating exceptional articles and blog posts instead of dissipating energy by creating low quality silo articles.

Imagine again using this content syndication strategy for traffic on most of your articles? That would be putting your article marketing on steroids.

By the way, the traffic getting method I just shared with you is only one of over 20 modules containing tons of unusual traffic strategies in Kim Roach’s new Traffic Dashboard containing tons of different unusual and unpopular traffic getting methods.

Getting over 500 views from just 1 article I syndicated in only one of the 55 distribution channels Kim exposes (a fraction I shared here), I can’t wait to start implementing the other methods in this module and the other modules.

I hope you’ll take action to implement this method on your website. I’d love to hear your results with this traffic strategy – feel free to share it with me.

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