my favorite dynamic writing duo: The Hong sisters

Let me introduce to you two screen writers from Korea. Collectively known as the Hong sisters, these two siblings have a great talent for writing romantic comedies, funny, sad, and always heartwarming. Hong Jung Eun and her younger sister, Hong Mi Ran have written several dramas. Known for their witty style and use of common things that become symbols of love for the characters, they are, by far, one of the most innovative pair of screen writers to date amongst the Korean drama wave, if not the world. As of 2011, they have seven TV series under their belt, with a new on on the way… Personally, I cannot wait.

Their writing is such, that this viewer watches these dramas over and over again, because at each viewing something else will stand out. In reading the subtitles, I find myself wanting to go back to truly visualize the character interaction, which, is as equal a treat as the subtitled dialogue. But I digress…..

Their newest drama called "THE GREATEST LOVE" is about a top star of Korea, Dokko Jin, falling hard for one of the lowest candidates in the entertainment field, Ae Jung. Ae Jung was a previous idol music star ten years before with her singing group, The National Treasure Girls. She fell from grace after the group fell apart. She shouldered all the heat to protect all the members of the group, but Korea never could quite forgive her. So she is stuck in "reality TV" and game shows, trying to still provide food for her family. Nothing is beneath her, like trying to eat noodles while on a roller coaster, or, wearing a frog outfit…as long as there is a paycheck. Dokko Jin, at the height of his career, hoping to make it in Hollywood, truly has never been in love before, except with himself…. and so, fate steps in and the repartee, the incidents, and accidents draw these two people together, like magnets.

Remember when I talked about the Hong symbolism of love… in this one, a pair of purple tennis shoes, potatoes, magnets, rose petals and an ink pen are only a few items that keep these two connected. The Hong sisters recieved The Writer of the Year award. Both actor Cha Seung, playing the role of the egotistical Dokko Jin, and actress Gong Hyo ,playing the misunderstood Ae Jung, won the Mini Series Excellence award for acting. These two actors recieved the Best Couple award. This sixteen episode series also won the Best Drama award.

So many scenes stick in my head from this drama that I am not sure which one I would share. I think the scene of Ae Jung trying to get into the hospital to see Dokko Jin is priceless. She is being blamed by all the netizens for causing a car accident, injuring the great Dokko Jin and now he cannot go to Hollywood to make his movie. But the reality is, Dokko Jin is the one who rear ended her car, and is only using the fake injury as an excuse, since he did not get the role for the Hollywood movie. There is just too much to say about this drama. Maybe the only fault I can see is that you need to see at least the first two episodes to get into it, since the first one is all about character background, then picks up in the second one. Those who are willing to watch will be in for a treat.

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