Business Case Study – How Over Disclosure Hurt the Franchise Buyer the Laws are Trying to Protect

There are often complaints that the regulatory bodies that monitor businesses in the United States of America go way too far in justifying the creation of more rules and regulations. Many consumers believe that the businesses are just trying to get away with something and are complaining because it costs them extra money to comply.

Indeed businesses would rather have no regulations and yet we know that is probably not possible. However, we should consider that over disclosure in the franchising industry hurts the franchise buyer or consumer, which is the very consumer the Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America is trying to protect.

Of course it is all legal and you can thank the Federal Trade Commission for hurting the consumer and costing them tens of thousands of dollars on each franchise sale, which means the return on investment for buying a franchise could be extended far off into the future. Please consider all this.

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