Attention Copywriters and Internet Marketers – Use my Sites as a Case Study of What Not to Do!

I am granting permission to any copywriter or internet marketer to use my sites as an example of sites that cry out " HELP ME!" I have been very attentive to reading the statistics and know which pages are getting visits and have several assumptions about my low conversion and opt-in rates.

Yes, it is true that I could hire consultants to do all the fixes but I WANT TO LEARN some of the strategies MYSELF. I am also aware of the VAST benefits I would get from the experience of experts that surpass my current knowledge.

oI have good information that does not reflect the full value of the content.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to study the statistics of your sites for anyone reading this that has just put up a site and hoping people will come. Just ask your host to tell you where the stats reside for your site. Also, learn how to understand the results.

Copywriting is necessary do for any one who desire to make money or build their list.

Thanks for listening.

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