Surfing the internet securely – Important information for anyone who surfs the web.

The problem:

I always say that the internet is a beautiful place to live, but it is malicious people who make it a bad place sometimes. Every day we are on the internet, we risk other people from around the world seeing exactly what we type and having access to our personal information. Our credit cards, social security numbers, usernames, and passwords are all available for anyone to have access to if they know how to do it. Even the best virus scan security programs and spyware stoppers are not enough.

I am not saying this to scare anyone. I am saying all of this because it is the truth and in this hub, I will give you the tips, tricks, and strategies to protect yourself. I also travel around the country educating people on how to surf the web more securely. I will also tell you how to log into your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, and yes, even Hubpages.

Table Of Contents For This Hub…

The Problem

The True and Scary Facts About Web Surfing Security

How Google Tells You If A Website is Not Safe

How The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Tells You If A Website is Not Safe

The CORRECT Way to Enter Your Passwords. Most people log in the UNSAFE way.

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