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Trying to make a success on hub pages? Well as you’ve heard before it’s about content and quality. If you write what you know and are passionate about what you write, people you will have great successes here on hubpages or where ever you do your writing. Listen there is bundles of money to be made from writing but you really have to put your heart and soul into it, simple copying or spamming useless information won’t create the success we all dream of. Hey don’t get me wrong even I have been know to write some pretty crappy stuff but we all have to learn from our mistakes, right?

So how do you write good quality content anyway? First of all write what you know, I’m sure you’ve all heard that before but really it’s the only way. If you are an expert seamstress or can fix a bicycle or car then already you have something to write about. A hub about engine repair or a favourite recipe will drive traffic and will allow your passions to be shared with the world. With subjects like that you can literally write hundreds of hubs just on those three subjects I mentioned. It doesn’t matter what you know, maybe you have read every Steven king book ever written, write a review good or bad about your favourite book or every book. You see it doesn’t matter, just write.

So Now that I’ve encouraged you to write, what the heck are you going to write anyway? Well inspiration can be found in every corner of your home, on every street and in every workplace. I realize some of you are strictly writing online but that doesn’t mean all your information has to come from online. The world’s seams are splitting and we the writers have to grab the information spilling out from ever rip.

My best advice for any writer is to keep a pen and notebook with you at all times. Throw it in a pocket and write down everything. At grandma’s take in the useful tips she gives when she cooking or gardening, when at work keep notes about employee interaction or lack of supplies, when your at the park maybe a strange duck will grab your attention. These are not million dollar ideas here but they are small steps towards the big ideas. Look inspiration is everywhere even in the places you forgot about maybe you’ve refinanced a mortgage or car give some advice to someone who maybe in the same boat as you. Advice, how to’s, technology and family are just a few of the subjects people are looking for everyday.

Write what you know, give advice and share thoughts, you will succeed online and your words will be know. It’s a great feeling knowing someone is reading your words, taking your advice and hoping you are as legit as they are. So write about meaningful subjects and success and money will follow. Remember to write well you must write what you know and be passionate about it.

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